About Adeno Games

Adeno Games is currently a one-man operation that aims to develop fun and memorable games for gamers all over the world to enjoy. I've also been a gamer ever since I could remember. All I know is that by the time I was in nursery or kindergarten, I was already blowing away the Red Falcon in Contra with my mom and destroying bricks and steel with tanks on Battle City with my grandpa on the Famicom (NES). As of now, you can call me an independent game developer.


On this website, you'll find all sorts of projects that I'll be working on as I educate myself in the world of game development. You'll find all sorts of drawings, sketches, game ideas, 3D models, 2D art, and maybe even music that I'll be composing for my games. For each game that I'll be working on, there will be articles detailing on how I started the project, how I tackled the problems in it, what inspired me to do so and so. The primary aim of my game projects is to learn what made games from the past so great and successful, despite their technological limitations back then. Aside from that, I believe that before one can create complex 3D games, you have to learn the most basic of basics first, and that means even diving right into the creation of Text Based Adventure Games. In other words, I am taking the "historical" approach, starting from the simplest of 2D games like Pong, Space Invaders, Galaga, Pacman, to more advanced 2D games like Super Mario Brothers, Contra, Streets of Rage, Police Quest, and King's Quest before jumping on the 3D game realm.


At the end of each "recreated" game project, such as Pong, I'll add features to them as part of my "innovation" exercises. Maybe I'll add a story to Pong, maybe the game wouldn't be a game of ping pong anymore but it'll be about two ships trying to bounce around a world destroying bomb. There are so many ways to add more fun factor to classic games! These will all be available for you to play around with.


Eventually, with the knowledge, skills, experience and techniques that I would have gained from recreating the games from the past, creating my own original games would be possible and from there, I'd be able to take bigger steps towards success in the game industry.


I believe that if you sincerely love doing something, then you have to give it your best effort no matter what your current circumstances are. Hopefully, you'll be entertained as you track my progress as a game developer and of course, have fun with all the games that I'll be releasing!









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