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Being a continuously learning independent game developer is quite a challenging path to take, but I sincerely know that this is my "calling" in life. Some people already knew even when they were kids what they wanted to be. Some have pursued their dreams of becoming doctors, athletes, entertainers, politicians, and business tycoons. For me, the role in society that I feel I will naturally fit in with is being a game developer.


Before one can reach his goal, it is only natural to face many forms of obstacles. In my pursuit to become a game developer, the biggest hurdle of all comes from the financial area. I'll need certain technology and tools which may cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. In order to help reduce the cost, I have decided that all of the games I create and release on this website will be available for everyone to download and enjoy in a "Pay What You Want", "Donate What You Can" system.


Currently, here's a list of things that I'm trying to raise funds for:


1. Unity Pro - $1,500.00

This is a 3D game engine that would help me greatly in creating all sorts of games without having to build my own game engines from the bottom up. I can already see all sorts of fun games I can use this for!


2. Substance Designer - $990.00

This is a program that's used from creating the new "substance" format, which are like textures that you can adjust while on the go. The good thing about it is that the Unity engine can take advantage of this. An example of how I can use this in a game is for the "Clean to Dirty Clothes" effect. It would be possible to have many "levels" of dirtiness by just adjusting a few variables, and I won't need to make separate textures for all of them.


3. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External USB HD 3TB - $199.99

This is something that would really help in the game development process. Currently, I only have a 300 gig drive, and now that I've installed a lot of programs and saved some projects, I'm down to less than 30 gigs. CDs and DVDs as back-up storage aren't that reliable in my experience and in the long run, $200 for a 3TB external drive is a much better deal than CDs and DVDs for $1 just to store a total of 4.7GB each that also have a tendency of being scratched easily.


4. Zoom H1 Handy Portable Recorder - $99.00

For music composition, I use my Yamaha DGX-505 Piano. Unfortunately, it is too far away from the computer to connect directly. Even plugging it in to the computer to record music doesn't produce great quality sound due to hiss and other mechanical noises. With this Zoom H1 recorder, the recording process will be much simpler with better quality. It can be plugged in to the piano and let it record from there, and then later on transfer the audio to the computer. There are more expensive $1,500 models from Sony, but I think this Zoom H1 should do be enough for now.


5. New Computer System - $????.??

The PC I built was from the year 2007. My current specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 (overclocked to 2.9) GHz

2 Gigs RAM

ATI Radeon 2600 XT 256MB

Windows XP SP3

With some fine-tuning, I'm still able to squeeze some power out of this computer. As a game developer, it is important to be able to play and experience the more modern games if you want to create something at their level. A newer system would also help me a lot when it comes to rendering 3D models and scenes.


If you enjoy the games that I make, watching the process of game development from my point of view, or if you feel generous enough to help me out on my road to being a great game developer, then please donate whatever amount of money you can to my PayPal account. Thank you very much and I appreciate no matter how small or big your gift is!


















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